Not a Day Over 45: Lindsay Lohan “Poses” for Terry Richardson

Photos from Lindsay Lohan’s “photo shoot” by top creep Terry Richardson have been leaked. The spread was done at Lohan’s temporary home base at her Chateau Marmot suite. To call this a fashion shoot is a stretch.

 We all know that Lindsay left the door open a crack for Uncle Terry (she calls all her John’s “Uncle”…) who simply snapped away while she attempted to make herself look decent. The whole thing just reeks of truck stop desperation. The Lolita-esque heart-shaped sunnies aren’t adding to her long-gone innocence. You almost expect to see a heart-shaped tub in the corner, with a dish of full of shiny quarters to pop into the motorized bed when Terry turns on the video camera.

The sad part is, this is her reality!









  1. There’s nothing there that qualifies as professional photography – they look like pictures taken on a cell phone with both parties drugged up. I feel sorry for her, she was brought up around pervert handlers.

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