New Year’s Resolutions: Happy 2012 Lovers and Friends!

It’s that time of year again when one starts to evaluate their life, and take stock of accomplishments and shortcomings from the past year. Twilight blogging has got the wheels turning, and boy, am I waxing philosophical here on FatFreeFashion. In the words of a local bum who has ever-so-kindly reminded me twice this year alone, “MOVE YOUR FAT ASS!”. Happy 2012 Lovers and Friends!

1. Take stock of your relationships. Realize that no matter how much you give, it will never be recognized or good enough for certain people. That’s ok! Not everyone has to like you. Life can be harsh, this much is true. But there are plenty of humans out there to discover. Go find them! Be bold and make the first move, as most people aren’t. Above all, be yourself at all times. I wear one hat, and it suits me perfectly for every occasion.

2. Enjoy life as it comes, as it only comes around once.

3. Find a funny friend and never let go. Priceless.

4. Diets don’t work. The math is simple. Shovel shit into your body= expect to look like shit. Own it. It you can’t accept it, change it. Simple and plain.

5. Dream big and write it down. List mini-goals to achieve the big picture. Strive to complete one task each day. Stroke it off the list. Pat yourself on the back, then add another task to the bottom of that list. Life is a journey. It’s ok to idle for 5 minutes, but don’t run out of gas parked in one place. Gotta keep it moving, on to the next one!

Happy New Year! xo FFF


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