Truth or Dare by Madonna: Smells like Money

Artwork used for Madonna’s new fragrance Truth or Dare was released this week and if it looks oddly familiar, it’s because it is. The shot isn’t new- it was taken back in 2010 for an editorial for Interview Magazine.

Truth? The photo could have been taken back in 1989, given the heavy-handed use of Photoshop. Dare? I dare the photographer to deliver the un-retouched image of this shot before any line or pucker was effectively erased from Madge’s face.

Even though my side-eye in fully narrowed,  it’s nearly impossible to throw shade on the old gal- she looks absolutely amazing. I don’t know who’s virgin blood she’s been sipping lately, (oh wait…) but Madge’s return back to her best look Erotica look certainly smells like money.

It appears Her Majesty is set for world domination for 2012. In addition to the fragrance, her trademarked expression “Truth or Dare” is poised to become a lifestyle branding vehicle, with apparel and footwear to join the mix in upcoming months. If the fragrance bottle is any indication of the direction the brand will go, it appears likely that Madonna will rely heavily (or even outright copy) on the advice of her stylish famous friends. Doesn’t the Truth or Dare bottle look strikingly similar to Stella McCartney’s Stella fragrance? I cannot wait to see this brand develop in 2012.

Madonna- Truth of Dare

Madonna Truth or Dare Fragrance

Stella McCartney- Stella

Stella McCartney- Stella


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