Girls will be Boys and Boys will be Girls: Andrej Pejic for Hema Lingerie

It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world, except for Andrej….

Andrej Pejic

This past week, Dutch lingerie firm Hema defied tradition by selecting male model Andrej Pejic as the body for its new push-up bra campaign. That being said, Pejic is no ordinary man. Plucked, waxed, groomed and self-admittingly whittled down to miniscule proportions (25 inch waist, ladies), Pejic has taking the industry by storm this year, gender-bending for Jean Paul Gaultier’s Paris show and looking every inch the desirable woman- clothed. Key point. Clothed. While, nobody can deny Pejic has an unbeatable physique for the catwalk, modeling lingerie is an endeavour that even the most gorgeous man will likely come out on top. 

Why? There’s nothing to see here folks! The man is fully clothed. There is absolutely no clevage in view- a sorry sight for a push-up bra campaign.

Who knows what’s going on under that dress. I’d say a whole lotta chicken cutlets and double-sided tape. That’s not to say that Pejic isn’t stunningly beautiful person. He is, portrayed as a man or a woman. However, flexin’ pecs in a bra (which isn’t even on view) is unlikely convince woman to buy the bra. Would Victoria’s Secret have the same success if Adriana was stretched out in the sand in her bathrobe? Highly unlikely. However, kudos to the Hema marketing team who created amazing brand awareness in a matter of weeks.


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