The Gift of Style: What to Get the Hostess With the Mostest

 Holiday Season is upon us and it’s time to start hitting those parties like Clark Griswold on Mr.Shirley. Showing up at the Hostess’ door empty-handed (after peering past her at the massively overstocked gift table…tisk, tisk) is just plain awkward. To avoid gulping the ‘nog with red-faced shame, get her rockin’ around the Christmas tree with one of these stylish gifts:

French Macarons:

Who doesn’t love macarons? Colourful and delicious morsels of holiday cheer. Hell, even if she hates them, she’ll take a photo for her Pinterest account. You can’t lose.


Lush Brrrr-illiant Bath Set

Let’s face it, we all need to bathe. Take it up a caliber with Lush Brrr-illiant Bath Set, which is not only 100% vegan, but creamy and luxurious and miles away from the standard Bath & Body Works fare. And to boot- it comes wrapped! Bloody brilliant.

Lush Brrrr-illiant Set


Lush Brrrr-illiant Set wrapped

Anthropologie Celestial Coasters

You know you’re a lazy slob, so help her out with these beautiful table-savers.

Celestial Coasters, Anthropologie, $32

Zara Handbag Key Ring, $15

Cute, cuddly and on-trend teal. A welcome furry friend to any handbag this winter.

Handbag Keyring


Harrods Biscuits

Yes, you’ll have to place an overseas order for these tasty treats, but trust me, you’ll have no problem filling your cart to offset the shipping fee. Harrods Biscuit Trio made this list from personal experience. I was gifted these crackbombs last year and basically had a threesome with the lot of them in a span of two days. They’re that good.

Harrods Biscuits

Kiehl’s Hydration Essentials, $25

Treat her to luxury this season with a quality handcream set that she typically wouldn’t buy herself.

Hydration Essentials, Kiehl's. $25

Rachel Roy Cocktail Ring, $48

Hey, it’s the primary reason why you came, so why not gift her with the namesake ring? This gorgeous sparkler will carry her through New Years and beyond.

Rachel Roy Cocktail Ring


‘Tis the season to drink without reason! Enable her and be invited back next year.



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