Donatella to the (Fat) Masses: Take Your Size 8 Ass and Shove It!

What a difference a week makes. After coming to the realization that the average American Size 12 ass will don the Versace label (the horror!), Donatella seems to have puked up her big, fat, caloric slice of humble pie. According to a PR firm associated with the New York Daily News, Donetella rejected two ‘real women’ (size zero to six) selected to model for the H&M for Versace photo shoot last Friday, on grounds that they “didn’t fit Versace’s branding”. There you have it ladies! Take your size six ass and shove it!Donetella doesn’t approve of you, and frankly, I’d take it as a blessing in disguise. After viewing a few pieces for myself in person, I can safely report that not only does the collection completely lack hanger-appeal, but the construction of the garments appear extremely cheap (which would explain why approving mere mortals to model the pieces was a big, fat nay-nay from the Versace camp).

This news is hardly a shocker. A real-life Muppet baby rejects reality. Donatella’s face is so taught, it would practically squeak if you rubbed it. She runs a tight (negative zero) ship, and expects all Versace femmebots (have you SEEN that commercial?!!)  to fall in line with her vision. I would yawn, but Donatella wouldn’t approve of that either.



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