Off The Hook! Bait by Brittany Becker

Typically, the part most appealing part of fishing is a cooler stuffed with brewskis, sammidges and a bag of Ketchup Lays (King Size). I didn’t think the words “fashionable” and “fishing” would ever be uttered in the same sentence, but have recently been forced to eat my words (tastes fishy) when a friend shipped me her latest creation, Bait, by Brittany Becker. This handcrafted jewelry line is made completely from fishing tackle and can be customized with your favourite colours and textures.

These beautiful creations are real conversation pieces. Personalized with punny names like The Charmer, Tempting Fate and Lead Him On, you can practically ensure that you’ll never be caught out there for words at a soiree (or while trawling Plenty of Fish….admit it, own it).  Check out her Etsy shop and prepare to be caught- hook, line and sinker.

Bait by Brittany Becker

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