Cerith Wyn Evans Caught With His Pants Down for Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 Men’s Campaign

Marc Jacobs latest campaign features 53-year-old artist and filmmaker Cerith Wyn Evans, who stars in a tongue-in-cheek (for starters, anyway) series of homoerotic and seemingly unrelated photos for a birthday party gone rogue. One could say Evans was caught with his pants down for the bizarre shoot, but his coy expression proves that he planned the whole thing. You cheeky little minx, you.

Playing Coy…Peekaboo

Just setting up guys! A party is nothing without balloons!

Grow, damn you!

Werk It Out

To Me, From Me. XXX.

Badass Mothafucka

Caughts with his pants down…note the peeps having lunch in the background. When all else fails, flash ’em.