Mariah’s Many Epic “Moments” on HSN: Hilarious!

Mariah on HSN

Mariah’s back from the Wondertwin hiatus, and boy have I missed her crazy ass! Seeing her make the journey to the HSN studio to peddle her latest wares started off legendary, “Helllo dahlin’, it’s good to be back, it’s been a ROUGH road!” and just kept getting better with every champagne-soaked syllable! Below is some quotable gold from the Glitter Queen:

“I don’t even know what you guys are charging. (Someone whispers $39.99). What???!!”

“I’m looking at 4, now there’s 5. I didn’t know there was math involved.” (Trying to find the right camera).

“Wait. Listen. I need a Moment. I need a fragrance moment. I’m gonna spray that on.”

“Did you know that my microphone just fell off my body?!”

“Why are you not wearing diamonds from head to toe?!”

“Here, try that on. No, it’s the other way dahling!”

Visit Gawker for the vid, or click the link below:


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