Wedding Fever: What I Wore

Wedding Fever was a understatment for the recent outdoor wedding party I attended. The night rolled on but the mercury didn’t budge, and after “cooling down” (i.e pouring profuse alchie sweats) with all the open bar had to offer, it was hard to tell who’d thrown caution to the wind and jumped in the massive backyard pool, and who’d simply sweat through their suit! Needless to say, peeps were avoiding being photogged looking like drowned rats, but I got these 2 photos:

Wedding Fever

Dress: Zara, $100. Shoes: Cythnia Rowley, $79.99. Earrings: Aldo: $8.00. Clutch: Vintage

The finishing touches that didn’t show up on BB phone:

Finishing Touches


After Midnight (and many cocktails….)



  1. Hello Baby girl… Love the blog, and love the dress… You got me hooked to your blog. Looking forward to what you have to say tomorrow. Keep on rolling

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