Kate’s A-Comin to Ottawa ! What Purdy Dress Will She Be Donning On Her First Commonwealth Visit?

Kate Middleton will make her maiden voyage to Ottawa on Thursday, June 30th. (Oh ya, and Prince William too!). There’s been a ton of speculation in regards to her wardrobe. Will Kate ditch her common roots and hire a stylist to outfit her? After all, her job is to focus her sole attention on her husband’s prerogative. Dreams? Nah. Hobbies? Forget ’em. Girl, you’re on William’s time now!  These past few months Kate has proved herself ripe for the role of her husband’s shadow, by dutifully standing and waving by his side at all royal functions. I’ve noticed in recent weeks that Kate seems to have a penchant for adapting a costume of sorts,  tailored for each specific event.

Exhibit A: To partake in the Queen’s Birthday Celebrations? Twins with hubby William in a military coat.

Kate in a Military Coat, William in Uniform

Exhibit B: To present service medals to The Irish Guards? A lady’s take on the army uniform.

Kate in Uniform, Mirroring her Husband

Exhibit C: To attend Wimbledon? Why, an Alice Temperely tennis dress, of course!

Kate in a Tennis Dress at Wimbledon

 What does “Canada” whisper to The Duchess of Cambridge? A beaver pelt? Perhaps a Canadian Tuxedo,  finished with beaded Mocassions?  A Mountie’s uniform?  Hey, she doesn’t say much, but she sure has mastered the art of pomp and circumstance!

Kate, don’t stress, because Fat Free Fashion has found the winner with a fitting homage to your Big Day! Asos’ “The Katie Dress”. Get Mr. Harper’s beaver buzzin with this semi-traditional number, which features lace (fancy), sleeves (demure), scalloped neckline (precious) and short hemline (practical). And at only $45, you’ll surely upkeep your much prided reputation of practising fiscal conservatism with apparel choices.

Katie Lace Dress, $45


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