Mind The Gap: Patrick Robinson Fired

He didn’t. He should have. Eventually everybody falls into The Gap’s black hole, wondering how on earth they thought they could pull the long-floundering chain from certain retail doom. When news broke this week that Patrick Robinson (Executive Vice President of Gap Global Design for Adult and Body) was released from The Gap, the first thought on my mind was not “What happened?” but rather “Who shops at The Gap?!”.  How many Basics can a person possibly own? Walking into The Gap is like walking into your childhood bedroom: Years can pass and although there might be a fresh coat of paint or a new lamp, everything else is essentially the same. A grey cardigan…or a new grey cardigan with sequins!!!  A black pant…or a cropped black pant!!! I’m sorry, but the excitement is just too much to handle!  *Insert eye-roll*. The unfortunate truth is that after 4 years at the creative helm for The Gap, not much has changed under Robinson’s leadership. The current marketing strategy of being the to-go store for Middle America is no longer  resonating with the customer. With the influx of many international chains in the past decade (Zara, H&M, Topshop) there is simply too many more fashionable, affordable options for the consumer to choose from. The Gap has long-lost its touch, and Robinson is most likely better off left to his own uninhibited creative devices.

Patrick Robinson



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