FFF News: Royal Wedding Fever! Say Yes (Hopefully) To The Dress

Like the rest of the world, I’m burning up with Royal Wedding Fever.  The pressing question on every fashionista’s mind is “Who will design the dress?!”. Industry insiders have been speculating with feverish fury for months now whom the designer of  “The Dress of the Century” will be. Most will agree that the chosen one will have to be British, which narrows the category to a few choice contenders: Vivienne Westwood (the quintessential Brit) , David Emanuel (Princess Diana’s wedding dress designer), Bruce Oldfield (Diana’s favourite and designer of Queen Rania of Jordan’s wedding dress), Sarah Burton (head designer, Alexander McQueen),  and Daniella “Issa” Helayel (of her namesake label “Issa”- a favorite label of Kate’s-  iconic royal blue dress worn in the official engagement photos). All feign  not privy to any knowledge of the lucky designer.

Interestingly, the latest reports name relatively unknown British design Sophie Crantson,  (of the Libelula label) as the chosen one. If this holds true, Cranston can kiss her sweet privacy a royal goodbye and say a proper British hello to a lifetime of praise or scrutiny.

With billions of people reported to watch, will the dress reign supreme on the big day or be a royal flop? Tune in on Friday, April 29th to witness the Dress of the Century.

Kate Middleton: From Commoner to Refined Princess, One Rag at a Time

Kate Middleton: NO. Although flesh tones ARE in this year....


Kate: Taking her role as "Party Pieces Ambassador" very seriously.


Kate's official "Look at me NOW, bitch!" coming out party, after receiving the royal dump from William. It worked, natch


Diana/Kate: Mirroring a Princess


Kate: A Very Royal (Blue) Engagement in Issa



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