The Mane Event: Slicked Backed Ponytails

My current obsession of all things late 90’s continues, this time with the staple hairstyle of the bygone era: slicked back ponytails.  J-Lo perfected this look in her Jenny from the block days. At the time, I to0 looked to the block for inspiration. Unfortunately I looked to the block, across the way, and straight to the back alley, with baggy Tommy Hilfiger overalls, a white baby tee, platform sneakers and a slicked back ponytail that was so tight, blinking was not option. Luckily, slanging on the street (not really) taught me a few lessons to breaking the pony without tearing out my mane in the process.

One: Select the best quality elastic. Goody Ouchless are great and come in all hair colours.

 Two: Cover that elastic up. Even if it’s the same shade as to your hair, the key to keeping it sophisticated is wrapping the elastic with a strand of your own hair.

Wild Ponies: Neigh!!!!!!

Emmanuelle Chriqui: Id be shrieking too with this bumpy pony. Neigh!

Christina Aguilera: Tight, height, and not right. Neigh!

Broken Ponies

Lea-Michele: Silky, smooth, perfection.


Blake Lively: Lose the roots and weve got a winner.


The Run-Away Ponies, Fall 2011: Slicked Back Ponytails

Calvin Klein, Fall 2011: Slick Pony


Marc Jacobs, Fall 2011


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