Pretty Knotty: Tied Blouses


Maybe its Spring Fever, but the plain, button-down blouse is shedding its demure image for a look that’s pretty knotty.

After a cold, barron winter, the ever-so-ladylike button blouse has opened up (hussy) and pulled itself together for a look that’s sure to have plenty fit to tied (literally). Venturing into Barely Legal territory (Britney Spears Oh, Baby, Baby) with this look is unfortunately just too easy. Is it wearable? Hardy. Will I go there? Most definitely! As my eloquent and subtle Dad says when things are taking a turn for the worse, “Don’t get your tits in a knot!”  Below are 3 simple rules to avoid that highly embarrassing situation.

1. You are not Lolita. Don’t try. No lace shorts & mini skirts. Your girls will thank you.

2. If your cups runneth over, don’t go there. Again, your girls will thank you.

3. Despite wearing a high-waisted pant or skirt, this look is not office appropriate. Unless you like Woody from Accounting leering over you at the water cooler, don’t go there.

Verdict? A knotted button down is sweet and sexy in the right situation and the perfect way to beat the summer heat. Options below:



Guess Bow


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