Swing It Back…Sling It Back (with Slingbacks)

Sling it back to me! I’m sensing a very Carrie throwback to the once beloved and recently forgetton slingback of the late 90s. We have gotten so used to teetering about town in towering 5 inchers, with far too many toe-murder cases going unreported. I’m done. My tootsies can take no more abuse. This style maven has done some serious sole searchin’. Never again will I suffer the humiliation of toting around emergency disposable flats *shudder* in my clutch.  Enter: The low-heeled slingback.

The clean, minimalistic slingback suddenly feels fresh. One can’t mention slingbacks without reference of  the always sophisticated Caroline Bassett Kennedy- the quintessential 90’s poster girl for understated, elegant glamour, and slingback affectionado. CBK knew how to rock a seriously classic shoe without looking the least bit dowdy. Sling on sista.

Slingbacks, aka Piggy Utopia



Zara: Slingback Patent Orange Leather








Sam Edelman: Petra



Kate Spade: Maribeth



Kate Spade: Muse


Aldo: Harnan


Payless: Harbour Boat


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