Do the Creep

A perineal favourite of goths, geeks and grandmothers everywhere, Creepers have slowly made their return to fashion mainstream for Spring 2011. First seen at Prada’s SS2011 show, these stacked, multicoloured brogues are different on various levels than the vast majority of footwear offers of late.

Given the limitless elements of individual characteristics available-  flat sole, triple-stacked, multi-tonal and multi-textured, one is able to take this look to the extreme (Prada) or Creep on the down-low (Asos). However, name aside, Creepers definitely won’t leave one unnoticed-they’re bold with a distinct kitschy vibe. Creepers should never be worn with black jeans, black studded belts, studded jackets…essentially Avril Lavinge circa 2002, 2003, 2006, 2011…stop…please. Like the shoe, Chic Creepin is easy and decidedly comfortable: simple tee or button down, cuffed cotton pant and wide leather belt.  Join me Creepers…aaaahhh!!!






       Creepin on the Down Low:



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