One Dior Closes, Another Dior Opens?

After the unfortunate news broke last week from the House of Dior (a camera phone, a racial slur and one too many wobbly pops later…) that head designer John Galliano had been fired, I, like many others, was stunned into silence. In this crowd, where options are sometimes expressed a bit too freely (ahem…*eyes dart back and forth*) it’s a rare occurence where critics and journalists alike are hesitant to express their true opinion of this scandal.  After careful contemplation, it can be said it may be hard to accept that the House we looked to for the most fantastical expressions in escapism (who can deny the utter magic of a Dior Couture show?) can in reality have an ugly, dark side? We put Galliano on such a high pedestal that the fall from grace was a surely only a matter of time. He is after all, only human.  Strip away the elaborate costumes, make-up, wigs and hats and we are left with just a man, whom despite the superhuman act is bound to walk among the trenches at some  point in his life. The time has come. Yet like all things in life, this too shall pass and sooner rather than later (hopefully) Galliano will treat the fashion world with his creative genius once again. As the saying goes One Dior Closes, Another Dior Opens. Don’t stay out too long John!


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