Broader Horizons: The Return of the Wide Leg Pant

There wouldn’t be a strong 70’s revival without the staple of the era- the wide leg pant. The greatest thing about the wide leg pant is that no matter what your size, from 2-20, the fit and cut of the pant will produce the same result: a flattering tube silloutte from hip to toe. The cut should fall straight down from below the bottom of the butt for the most flattering look. And unless you’re 6ft, skipping out an a platform shoe on this look is just a bad idea for obvious (and not so obvious) reasons. Case in point: A few years back, tired of stuffing my not-so-skinny ass into impossibly skinny skinnies, this fashioniod decided to wade deeper into my closet (yes, I’m that old) to retrieve a pair of long forgotten and neglected wide leg jeans. Eager to test out my “new” look, I strapped on my sexiest strappy heels and hit the town. While strutting my newly liberated calves (no zippers digging into my ankles- what freedom!!) up the stairs to meet my dinner companion, I exercised my freedoms a little too much with a hop, skip and a fall upstairs, right into the bannister, with the heel-stabbing- pant -leg, tearing a HOLE into my jeans.  Elegance and grace personified. In other words, if you’re going wide, ensure to have steady sole or risk looking like a huge heel.






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