A Hairy Situation: Stresses over Tresses

As summer approaches, the urge to lighten up my mane weighs heavily on my mind. As trivial as it may seem, the decision to colour my hair is something I take very seriously. I spend many hours mulling over the possible outcome. Highlights with bangs, highlights without bangs, lowlights, full colour…Sun In??!  These deep-rooted stresses over my tresses are not without merit. First, let’s paint an oh-so-brassy picture: 

 In an attempt to ditch my natural hue for a saucer shade, I booked an appointment for my first colour treatment.  Enter Misty, stylist extraordinaire, who marveled with delight at my “virgin hair!!” (no joke).  After a quick consultation: Gwen Stefani-White Blonde- No Doubt and a knowing nod from Misty, she started the process. Two hours later, Misty removed the towel to reveal her artistry. Unfortunately, it was instantly obvious that Misty was completely out of touch with pop culture references (with a name like Misty, how could I blame her?!) as Gwen-Stefani-white blonde-No Doubt had become Marlon Wayans-Brassy Blonde-White Chicks (minus the 5 oclock shadow).  I had effectively morphed from colour virgin to low-rent street-walker in mere hours. Pretty woman…walkin’ down the street….(the wig didn’t have roots).

Going au-naturel would be the sensible option, but since that’s no fun, I’ve taken the modern approach and pasted my face (thank you photoshop) on every shade and style deemed worthy of the big plunge. This got me thinking. Do you, lovers and friends (and strangers too!) spend excessive amounts of time stressing over your tresses?

The Dream

The smirk is justified. "I dare you to attempt my shade!"


The Reality


"Damn girl, we should have used a toner!"


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