‘Tis the Season: Sample Sales

Deck the halls with racks of samples, fa la-la-laaleeeave it alone bitch, it’s in MY pile!!! They don’t call it cut-rate clothing for nothing! Cutting a bitch over the last pair of size 28 designer denim is practically par for the course when attending a designer sample sale. As any fashion aficionado knows, sample sale season is in full swing, with everyone jockeying for the latest and “greatest” for SS10.  In the midst of wheeling cut-rate samples to the most rabid bidder, I was struck with a pang of pity for the masses, who are reduced to dropping their drawers (and dignity) for lack of fitting rooms, all for the possibility of scoring a manhandled sample at 50% off.

To the general public, the opportunity to score a designer sample at wholesale price is impossible to resist. The irony is (as anyone in the industry knows) that the items that actually make it to the sample sale are generally the dropped, discarded, degenerates- all the good ones have already have been marked for claim the minute they arrive in the showroom. The ones that aren’t claimed personally are divvied up to close friends. The rest, (aka the worst) are sold to the general public. Is this really a deal??? You’re essentially clamoring for scraps, and unless you arrive at the crack of dawn on Day 1, you’re shit out of luck. Still don’t care? Then arrive early, be cool and pack serious heat.

Exhibit A: Serious back-sweat, garbage bags, crouching, bad lighting...READY. SET. SAMPLE!!!!!

Or Rather…

In Lamens Terms...


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