Trendspotting: Overalls

Forget Audrey Hepburn. My first blush of style envy came courtesy of my first babysitter, Laura. Not only was she an admirable multi-tasker (inviting boyfriends over for a couch make out session, neglecting to order the pizza..while pocketing the $15, smoking whilst giving us a bath- how did she do it?!), but homegirl turned out 90’s Chola chick like no other. Maybe it was the Exclamation! perfume clouding my vision, but Laura’s baggy denim overalls, L.A Raiders nylon bomber, Jordan kicks, super-tight high ponytail, pencil-thin brows and dark lined lips were the stuff conjugal visit’s in Chino, California were made of! Where am I going with this? I don’t quite know, but what I do know is watching the overall trend creep back onto the fashion radar over the past few months has led to me to believe that overalls can really only fall into 2 distinct categories: Chola girl and hillbilly.

Although they are undoubtedly functional in certain situations (concealing switchblades or Malt liquor)  there is absolutely no reason for an urban woman to require, nor wear overalls (ever heard of a purse?!). Not only is the yoked backside terribly unflattering, the  5+ pockets only create additional bulk to an already padded silhouette. Simply put, overalls overwhelm. Whether they’re printed, floral or cropped, any fashion piece that induces a mental image Jesse James or Uncle Cletus should generally be avoided.

Chloe, Spring 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier, Spring 2010

Vena Cava, Fall 2010



  1. Hi, just have to disagree with you, sorry ! there are something in-between and even some young people in the very hot and cool brooklyn agree with me, but that’s just my and some others opinion, since we are feeling free in our overalls, not least sitting in urban cafés ! best Niels/bibprofessor

    1. Duly noted, but any garment that either a) increase the chance of me losing my precious Metropass (slanted pockets) or b) increases the chances of having Metropass being swiped (easy access) is something I have to avoid! 🙂


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