A Match Made in Guido Heaven: Lindsay Lohan to Design for Ed Hardy

News broke today that perennial party girl and actor (I’m reaching here) Lindsay Lohan is poised to design handbags for mega-douche brand Ed Hardy. Finally a celebrity-designer collaboration I can understand! Lohan has already got the right mindset for her target markets needs. Her line of leggings, 6126 (Marilyn Monroe’s birthday) features a style with built-in kneepads- the perfect item for a night out on the Jersey Shore! Unlike her infamous fashion flub as “Creative Advisor” at the house of Ungaro last season, this venture is a natural step for Linds, who will fit right in with her ratty extensions,  jacked lips and ever-present coke-bloat.
Killer Combination

6126 Padded Leggings




Match Made in Guido Heaven



  1. hi just came across your blog on the featured fashion wordpress page – really love your to-the-point and pithy style. Awesome for a quick fashion fix! I’ll be reading regularly 🙂
    Gabby x

  2. Hahah. Funny and quite true. Did you see that documentary she did about child trafiking? One of the girls asked her what she did and she said she was a “actor who sometimes sings”. Really???

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