FFF News: Madonna to Launch Own Line at Macy’s

News broke this week that Madonna is poised to create her own fashion line with retail giant Macy’s. Madge recently joined forces with her manager to form “MG Icon” which will partner with brand-management firm Iconix Brand Group Inc., owners of major junior brands like Candies, Bongo, Joe Boxer and Rampage. The deal enables Madonna to not only endorse these established brands, but actually play a role in designing and creating her own line.  

This isn’t  Her Madgesty’s first foray into the world of designing for mass markets- her capsule collection for H&M a few years back was not only succesful, but possessed the kind of practicality that appealed to a major chain. This time around will be a venture into the juniors market, as she’ll be drawing from daughter Lourdes for inspiration (who ironically dresses just like a younger version of stylish Mum- talk about full circle!).  

Usually talk of yet another celebrity-cum-designer line solicits major eye-rolling from the fashion community (Kardashians, Hiltons, Simpsons, Avril, Beyonce, Fergie- make it STOP!!!) but this is different. Madge is a certified style icon who has influenced trends for decades and has worked with the biggest fashion houses in the world. She has certainly earned her fashion stripes and knows a thing or two about tapping into a niche market. The only reservation would be the fact that Madonna has been around for so (s0, so) long. Although she undoubtedly still has her finger on the pulse of what’s cool with teens these days, she’s old enough to be their grandmother. Competing with Hilary (Stuff by Hilary Duff), Miley (Walmart) and Mary-Kate & Ashley (Olsenboyle) for their hard-earned babysitting money will be a whole other ball game.  

Like Mother, Like Daughter


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