Taking it To the Maxi

Usually reserved for the Amish, librarians and hardcore Orthodox, the maxi skirt (most notably the tube)  is slowly making its return into mainstream fashion. However, unlike its stern unofficial spokesmodels, 2010’s maxi dress or skirt evokes a playful feeling , with lighter colours and textures. As I mentioned before, natural textiles like suede, cotton and leather will play a big part in this look.


In regards to wearability, these are strong pieces. When dealing with an abundance of fabric, proportion plays a big part in achieving the look. At 5’3, short-waisted, with an athletic build, there is no way in hell you’d get me into a fitted long skirt (butch much?) but a long flowy maxi dress with a platform heels (still big for summer) work for short and tall gals alike.  

Winter Note:  If you simply cannot wait until Spring/Summer to try this look, take heed, you’re heading into Frump Territory: long skirt paired with pointed toe boots- the mother of all Frump. Yet many unsuspecting victims rock this look every winter without fail. Add an oversized studded belt, and you’ve achieved the sex appeal of Michelle Duggar- oh Jim Bob!  If you’re keen, pair the flowy skirt with slouchy suede boots which compliment the soft Gyspy-hippie feeling of this look, and not fight it. For the tube skirt, toughen it up with combats to carry you through the last weeks of winter, then ditch for an open toe. 


The Look 

Anthropologie $218


Asos $35

Daughters of the Revolution $275

L'Angence $180


Elizabeth and James $296 (sale!)

Forever 21 $47

T by Alexander Wang $97

DKNY Spring 2010


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