Olivia Palermo Hearts NYC

As much as I know it’s scripted, I’m a sucker for any kind of fashion-related reality TV show. Throw NYC into the mix, and I’m hooked. So naturally when I watched this video from Fashionair.com,  featuring fashion plate Olivia-could-she-BE-anymore-gorgeous-Palermo from The City, my heart fluttered. While when it comes down to it, Miss Palmero is just another loaded NYC socialite who happens to have friends in the right places. Fortunately for her, she possesses the kind of killer style that money just can’t buy (although the blatant parade of her black Birkin in the video doesn’t hurt). After her tour of her “favorites” I was basically salivating for a trip to Topshop. Anyways, who doesn’t like some sweet Big Apple lust on a bitter winter’s day? Enjoy. 

Click here to watch the video. 


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