Winter Warm-Up: Patent Doc Martens

With the mercury continuing to drop to sub-zero temperatures, and not being one for the cold (frozen-clenched jaw, red runny rose, watery eyes, full-body shivering- eh, no.) finding comfort under the bright flourescent lights of mega-stores becomes ever the more appealing. On my most recent jaunt, while sifting through piles of highly offensive orthopedic wonders (this is where Clarks Mary-Janes come to die), I discovered a pair of amazingly on-trend black patent Doc Marten boots. Or I like to think that they discovered me (with my strange affinity for authoritative looking black patent footwear- oxfords, riding boots and apparently combats…) as they were begging to be rescued from the depths of frump-hell, and rocked with all their shiny glory.

 The best part? They were only $25!!

Sole Mates: Patent Dr. Martins


Doc Martins


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