FFF News: Kelis- Woman Sc(h)orned

Ah, Kelis. This was meant to be your moment!  Fresh off her divorce from rapper Nas, Kelis could have done what all woman scorned should rightfully do- turn it out! Instead, last night at the Los Angeles Data Awards, Kelis showed up looking like My Little Pony on acid, being turned out to pasture. Might I remind you that this woman has a 6-month old child?! That body!  The “Look at Me Now, BITCH!” red-carpet appearance was all but ruined by paying homage to Equidae in the worst way: unicorn horns, quasi-riding jacket, camel toe, tail and most criminal of all- McQueen Armadillo heels reduced to nothing more than end-caps to a tragic Halloween costume. 



Kelis: I am Woman, Hear Me Roar


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