Why I Hate Fashion (Really?)

Tanya Gold, a writer for The Guardian UK, has a bone to pick. Actually, she’s effectively picked the bone clean, filed it with her incisors, and is now wielding it as a spear against the fashion industry.

Gold calls the Industry out on all the predictable evils- underweight models, unrealistic beauty portrayals, impractical footwear, which are all valid points. But what Gold fails to realize is the fact that fashion is an offering to the public from artists, not a mandate. Gold resides in a politically free country (UK)- no higher power is forcing her to partake in fashion that she is has no interest in. Which begs the question, if she despises fashion so passionately, why does she devote so much of her energy rating and raving about it?

Gold claims she is a “normal” balanced woman. Ironically, in the very next sentence she cites  food, men and comfort as her top 3 interests in life (notice food being top priority.) For a normal, balanced woman, there is no mention of hobbies (dancing, karaoke, travelling, ANYTHING) that would add value and enrichment to her seemingly miserable existence. By her own account, Tanya Gold is a miserable woman with a cross to bear- and the fashion industry is most convenient and obvious target for her to bear it. She even goes so far as to blame a freak accident resulting in death (girl wearing heels trips on subway platform) on fashionable stilettos. Talk about misdirected anger. God help the person who steps on the hem of Gold’s mumu whilst walking up the stairs. Headline:  “Fashion Claims Another Victim- Literally”.

Probably the most puzzling (yet completely fitting) part of her hate-mail, is the method in which she severs her ties to the fashion world: by getting fat. Gold reasons that by gaining unnecessary weight, that she has effectively written herself out of any form of fashion, period. Not only is this “solution” for avoidance of the retail industry completely unhealthy (which contradicts her whole reasoning about why the fashion industry is evil?!), her coping mechanism strikes an uncanny resemblance to that of a woman dealing with a bad break-up- emotional eating. For someone who has taken the moral high-road on all things frivolous, we are left with a pathetic mental image of her holed up in a dimly-lit living room, penning another detailed letter to the industry that has left her so cold.

Instead of eating her emotions (which is no solution) Gold should take advice from the over-spent fashionista, and indulge in some good old-fashioned retail therapy.

Check out the article from The Guardian UK, January 22.2010 here.


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