Men’s Fashion Week, Fall 2010

Corsets, skirts, fur, dandy boys, death themes, sweatpants, tights, volume, Sherlock Homles…Paris Men’s Fashion Week, Fall 2010 wrapped up this past week, and I must say, it’s left my head spinning. No one theme was prominent, as there was truly something for every man this Fall.  From classic and sophisticated, right down to the hardcore trackpant-warrior, as done so well at Jean Paul Gaultier with the ubercool gray leisuresuit, no man was left behind on the runway. Regardless of opinion, one cannot deny that the tides are definitely turning in mens fashion, and I say it’s high-time. The question of whether or not men will actually wear these offerings is irrelevant, but I would venture that after countless seasons of jeans and t-shirts, most men will welcome some variety. The million dollar question is “Who’s legs will look better in that skirt, mine or his??!!”.


Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2010 


Balmain RTW Fall 2010: Rolled Denim

Damir Doma, RTW Fall 2010: Volume

John Galliano Fall 2010: Corsets

Jean Paul Gaultier, Fall 2010: Tracksuit

Qasimi Men's Fall 2010: Leggings

Balenciaga Fall 2010: Clean lines

John Galliano Fall 2010: Sherlock Holmes

Comme Des Garcons Fall 2010:Fur


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