Dutch Treat? Clogs

Much like the metaphor used to divvy up the bill, this trend leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Clogs are no doubt a strong trend for Spring, as models stomped down the runway in Holland’s national shoe. Over the holidays I had plenty of time to ponder this trend (DEEP, I know!) and the question I kept coming back to is whyWhy would come spring, after 7 months of unsightly winter boots, would one want to keep feet under wraps? Why ruin a fresh spring pedicure? Why would one want to stomp around town in heavy wooden shoes? Why would one want look like a milkmaid? 

We’ve done clogs. They were called Crocs. They were hideous. The company went bust. Dutch Treat? This spring, I’m watching my waistline. 

Chanel, Spring 2010. Clog

Louis Vuitton, Spring 2010. Tassle clog

Miu Miu, Spring 2010. Clog


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