Trendspotting: Backpacks- Ladies, put your hand up! (Gladly.)

Backpacks, knapsacks, slingbag- whatever you like to call them, they’re on the radar for 2010, and I say it’s about time! After running around the city lugging a handbag large enough to stash a change of clothes (who needs arm circulation??!!) while numbly fumbling for my Metropass, I am throughly looking forward to having a both hands ready for action this spring. Mountain Equipment Co-op stop your grinning, as fashionistas won’t be flocking to a sporting goods store for this purchase. The new backpack is functional and chic in leather and canvas, with feminine details galore as seen at Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Missoni and Ralph Lauren. Ladies, put both hands up for practicality (finally).

Louis Vuitton Tassle Backpack

Missoni Leather Backpack

Ralph Lauren Backpack


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