“That’s Sporty!” Athletic for Spring 2010

As a teen, I would often stage impromptu fashion shows for my parents, who god-love-em, gave Joan Rivers a run for her money with their brutally honest critiques. Rather than gently advising me that my ever-evolving fashion sense sometimes took a wrong turn, there was no holding back when I’d made a faux pax. I knew I had got it right when Dad exclaimed “That’s Sporty!!” (which often resulted in laughs from friends when they were over…the 80’s called…). This Spring, much to Dad’s approval, we’ll all be gettin’ sporty, as designers have taken comfort to the next level on all fashion fronts.

As seen on the runway at Phillip Lim and DVF, there are many ways of interpreting the athletic look. The key element to this particular look is all about the drawstring waist detail. The best part about this look is that is can be worn both dressy or casual, depending on how you style it. Take the washable athletic suit with drawstring at Phillip Lim, which although sporty, is actually completely appropriate for the workplace. Surprisingly, although the DVF version is basically a glorified tracksuit, it  looks fabulous with heels. To test drive the look, check out Bebe’s new concept store PH8, which specialize in chic sportswear. The store has some great pieces which are totally on trend for Spring. http://www.ph8stores.com/

Phillip Lim. Spring 2010- drawstring pant

DVF, Fall 2010, Athletic


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