Trendspotting: High Sierra for Spring 2010

After a year of stormy economic conservatism (think stay-cations, dinner parties, brown-bagging lunches, secret shopping parties) the cloud have finally parted, and the fashion junkies everywhere have taken inspiration from the open plains of the High Sierra for their newest fashion fix. Peasant tops in natural fabrics, gauzy skirts, braided hair, and suede, suede and more suede is on the fashion forecast for Spring. Keeping with the airy feeling, layering will be done in light fabrics (even denim) as seen on the runway at Alabama Chanin and D&G. Although country, this isn’t the ghost of Sienna Miller’s closet coming back to haunt us for the holiday season ( I said SIERRA, not Sienna) as the look this time around will be much less cluttered and more streamlined. 

Alabama Chanin, Spring 2010

D&G, Spring 2010

D&G, Spring 2010

Diane von Furstenburg, Fall 2010

While taking note of this trend, I stumbled across Micheal Bolten’s amazing video “I Said I Loved You…But I Lied” (because this is more than love I feel inside). The hilarity of this video can’t be described adequately without watching it, (bald eagles, stampede of wild horses, burning desire depicted in flames, walking on water) but I must note that Mr. Bolton was right on the  money with the Sierra trend. Who knew he was such a fashion forecaster? Dessert boots? Check. White deep-V neck? Check. Suede? Check. Lose the mullet mane, and we’ve got ourselves a style icon here, folks. Giddy up! 

Michael Bolton, fashion forecaster and guilty pleasure.



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