Oy vey! Kellan Putz for Calvin Klein

Apparently, “that other dude”  teen’s wet dream and sex-starved soccer moms favorite franchise- Twilight,  is poised to recreate Mark Wahlberg’s iconic 1992 ad campaign for fashion house Calvin Klein. This is a guy who recently stepped out sporting  frosted tips while promoting his new flick, effectively eliminating any cred he could have had with the fashion crowd. I mean seriously, frosted tips?! It’s clear to see why his sex appeal is limited to girls whose idea of sexytime includes out-of- town parents, a furnished basement and a bottle of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill. Before I get my panties in a bunch, lets wait for the campaign to speak for itself, although it’s safe to assume that this clean-cut, junior heartthrob will have to “Twi willy, willy haard” to measure up (literally and figuratively) to Marky Mark’s memorable spread. 

The Imitator 

Kellan Lutz connecting to his fan base with inanimate objects

The Originator 




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