What Katie (Should Have) Wore…

Is a bag over her head. For those who aren’t aware, What Katie Wore is a popular blog that fashionistas everywhere have been devoutly following for the past year. It’s a modern loveletter of sorts to Katie, who bitched that she wasn’t feeling as wooed as she used to be.

 The blogs purpose is for blogger Joe (the boyfriend) to document Katie (the girlfriend) outfits every single day, for a whole year.   The challenge is that she can’t wear the same outfit twice, although same pieces are allowed, so long as they’re not a direct repeat. Katie’s “fashion sense”  (and I use that term very loosely)  is absolutely tragic. Somebody should remind Katie (who perpetually looks like she’s coming off a bender) that tasting the rainbow every single day (black is her nemesis) is bad for your health. Oddly enough from boyfriend Joe’s annoying sugary praises, you’d think she’s a double for Sienna Miller (she isn’t). Love really is blind!

The real question is, now that Katie and Joe have had a taste of fame, will they end their virtual loveletter on December 31st, or find a new way to remain relevant? Stay tuned to find out!

A Taste of Katie’s Rainbow.

what katie wore when she was bright again what katie wore to give blood what katie wore in the old town

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