Fringe Benefits

One of the first pieces of dating advice my mother gave me was “Never date a guy with a full beard. It STINKS”. Coming from a woman whose height of dating was in the late 70’s (afros, hippies, beards galore), there was never a doubt in my mind that those words, so eloquently put, were true. Ironically, that advice immediately sprang to mind when first viewing the duster-fringe shoe for Spring 2010. 

Fringes have many benefits. Face-framing fringe, benefit. Slimming fringe frock, benefit. Purple leather-fringed Mulberry bag, benefit. A duster-fringed shoe…refer to Mama’s advise.  Although fringe and tassels on footwear isn’t a new phenomena (Native Americans have been successful rockin this look for centuries) it’s the placement of the fringe detail on the shoe that makes it work- near the ankle or neatly tasselled inches away from the ground. This Spring, designers have thrown practicality (and hygiene) to the wind and taken the fringed shoe to a whole new extreme, with results resembling Tom Sellack, 3 weeks into Movember. Like a neglected mustache, these street-dusters have the potential to collect many nasties like ciggie butts, dust, hair and god-forbide, bubble gum. Like a dirty mustache, nothing ruins a lover affair with a pair of stilettos faster than wielding  tweezers to remove debris from the fringe. Like Mama said, “It STINKS”. 

If you’re into this trend, take to it like a man with a full beard. Approach with caution, or suffer the consequences.

Bruno Frisoni. Spring 2010. Proceed with caution

Mulberry. Spring 2010

Loewe. Spring 2010



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