Trendspotting: Patchwork Pants in Various Textures

Ok, stop. I know what you’re picturing, because I went there too. Britney and Justin paying homage to their countrybumpkin roots in the worst way, with patchwork denim gown for Brit and a full Canadian Tuxedo for Mr. Sexyback himself. Before you go and dust off those baby’s with the leather lace-up front (thank you Stitches, 2001!!),  know that 2009-2010’s take on the patchwork pant is far more subtle and chic.

Hillbilly Chic

Bored with simply ripping and destroying denim and trousers within an inch of their life, designers have decided to make amends with the humble pant and (literally) patch things up again. As seen on the runway at Balenciaga, Balmain and Chloe, the new patchwork pant plays with dark denim, leather, suede and velvet to achieve the look. The result is much more streamlined than layers upon layers of denim, which creates unnecessary bulk. By incorporating a darker shade of patchwork near the inner and outer thigh, the pant actually creates an illusion of a more svelte lower half, a trend everybody can appreciate!

Balenciaga patchwork skinnies with grey velvet, Spring 2010


Balenciaga patchwork skinnes, Spring 2010

Balenciaga stretch denim with patchwork, Spring 2010. Chic, streamlined and best of all, wearable.

Balmain cargo jean, Spring 2010.

Chloe patchwork denim, Spring 2010. Forgiving fit, with a 70's vibe.


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