The New Romantics: Lingerie as Outerwear

In recent months there has been a surge in mentioning, quite obviously, the unmentionables. No longer content in leaving a little something to the imagination, fashion lovers everywhere have taken to making their lingerie conversation pieces. Bras doubling as tops have become mainstream (have a look in H&M, they’re everywhere). Although ballsy, the look can be quite chic if done right. When paired with a high-waisted paper-bag short and boyfriend blazer, the look is fun and playful if all pieces are neutral colours (think charcoal, grey, peach, pink). I wouldn’t dare try this look in black or lace, as it would sharply stumble into S&M dominatrix catagory…meow. 

Is the bra top practical? Hell no. But I say if you’re under 35 with a bangin body and comfortable being the centre of attention (YOU WILL BE), then try this fleeting trend before it’s promptly shelved in 2010! 

Marc Jacobs, Spring 2010

Marc Jacobs, Spring 2010

Fashion darling Chloe Sevigny recently rockin the bra top
Fashion darling Chloe Sevigny recently rockin the bra top



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