Lady Gaga interview with Barbara Walters

Barbara Walter’s annual “Most Fascinating People” 2009 edition aired last night. Not surprisingly, the ever-so fashionable Lady Gaga made the list.  Clad in an elegant Chanel suit and minimal accessories, Gaga appeared to be shockingly normal, even a little intimated by the 80-year-old TV veteran. A notable part of the interview occured when Barbara point-blank asked Gaga if she’s ever slept with a woman. Never one for modesty or mincing her words (this is the lady who admits in an interview a few weeks back that she likes “big dicks”) Gaga appears almost flustered by the notion and lamely admits to having “sexual relationships” with lady-friends. Sexual relationships? What, sexting? Sexing? How very Bill Clinton of you Gaga…keep ’em guessing!

The best part of the interview is when Gaga proclaims that she’s not “artificial and attention seeking”. Um…right. I love Lady Gaga, but part of her appeal is that she’s a crazy bitch who’ll do anything for attention! The extreme fashion, the hairstyles, the props, it’s come to be her signature. Because a wallflower would wear this…..

Lady Gaga wreath


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